Advanced features that allow you to do more with less

Design & Support

  • On-site training - Forget PDFs or talking over the phone, our VoIP specialists will be right with you to help set up your phones and train your users.
  • Ongoing helpdesk support - Say goodbye to sending an email or being put on hold only to wait for someone else to call you back. SundogVOICE is just a phone call away and with our staffed Live Helpdesk, your concerns are addressed immediately.

Internet Fax

  • Receive multiple faxes at the same time on the same number without costly equipment.
  • Incoming faxes are handled online and are delivered via email to as many recipients as you like.


  • Every user can have their own participant access code to hold their own meetings with a single conference bridge located within your call tree, or attach a conference bridge to another phone number.
  • Direct clients to your office number for a professional appearance to your business conference calls.

Cloud PBX

  • Our Cloud PBX means no complex hardware installation or maintenance. No technical expertise required to manage and use your phone system.
  • Get your systems up and running without the traditional expenses and time delays associated with an on-site phone system.

Call Management

  • Route your calls to suit you based on time-of-day, Caller-ID, or phone number called.
  • Manage all call routing from your computer anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection. Or simply call us and we’ll do it for you!

Unified Messaging

  • Our VoIP solution provides voicemail services to every user, department or office, with no additional cost.
  • Configure an unlimited amount of auto-attendants, ring groups, greetings, announcements, and call queues to get all of your calls routed to the desired people.

Phone Service

  • Our Internet-based phone system and fax platform are fully customizable to meet your unique needs.
  • Get complete access to our feature-packed portal where you can configure your call management settings, extensions and mailboxes. But if you prefer not to manage it yourself, just give us a call and we will get it configured for you.

Available Phone Numbers

  • Look professional with a toll-free vanity number to your contacts, or if you prefer to go local, purchase numbers from any area code within the nation and link them to your VoIP PBX.
  • Add additional DID numbers for your employees, departments or remote locations, all while keeping your existing numbers.

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